MOBAIR 2015 air supply heater


Effective fresh air supply fan equipped with a dedicated heater. Especially suitable for older buildings with either natural or mechanical ventilation.

MOBAIR 2015 air supply heater
MOBAIR 2015 air supply heater
MOBAIR 2015 air supply heater

Silent and efficient airflow

A quiet fan that has an energy consumption of only 1.0 W, mixes warm indoor air together with the incoming cold fresh air and directs the airflow slightly upwards towards the ceiling.

Silent 27 dB(A)

MOBAIR 2015 air supply heater

Automatic self-regulating heater

When needed, the effective dedicated heater can be turned on with a switch on the side of the appliance.

MOBAIR 2015 air filter

Air supply filtration

Duct air filter of class M5 / ePM10 60% is included in the product.

Installation & maintenance

Installed on the outer wall of the room, at the height of ~2 m. A hole is drilled for the supply air duct. The unit is placed onto the hole and plugged in—the unit is now ready to use. The filter inside of the fresh air duct should be changed 1–2 times per year.

MOBAIR 2015 air supply heater dimensions

Technical information

Total airflow

6–12 dm3/s

Fan energy consumption

1,0 W

Heating power

20–600 W, self-adjusting

Sound level

27 dB(A)

Filter class

M5 / ePM10 60% (ISO 16890)


0,1–4,0 A / 230 V AC / ungrounded plug

Package includes: Air duct: ⌀103 × 370 mm, Outdoor grille, Air filter, 1,9 m power cord

Fresh air indoors also in cabins!

Typically a fireplace sucks in cold and unfiltered supply air through fresh air valves or from between the foundations of a house uncontrollably bringing in undesired particles and smells. Cold supply air cools down the floor surfaces and slows down the process of heating the indoors to a suitable living temperature.

With the help of Mobair 2015 it's possible to maximize the comforts of living in a seasonal home and without wasting the heat up in the ceilings. The power intake of the dedicated heater inside of the supply air valve comes down automatically as the indoor temperatures rise closer to the standard living temperatures. When the indoor temperatures are high enough the fan will be enough to eliminate the feeling of draught.

Instruction manuals online

Please read the the owner's manual for more information.


Product sheet

Product information

Product code: M2015
LVI-number: 7929044

Air filter

Replacement filter:



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