Room-Specific Air Supply Solution

Supply air valves are required to bring supply air into the house or a building. Even during the cold winter times, pre-heating Mobair supply air valves can bring the supply air inside without the feeling of draught, with good filtration and very low energy consumption.

Lowest energy consumption possible is achieved with a room-specifc ventilation system.

Centralized air conditioning, even with heat recovery, consumes more energy because it does not take into account the stay in the rooms and the whole house air is exchanged, including empty rooms. For room ventilation, air is exchanged only in rooms where there are people, generally 2-3 rooms.

Inital investment costs of a room-specific ventilation system is a fraction of the cost compared to a centralized system.

On average, 2-4 air supply fans are needed, which in total cost less than €1000. Centralized ventilation with ducting costs at least €8000. A further advantage is that the cleaning and maintenance of air supply fans and ducts is considerably easier than the conventional air supply duct.

Renovating a house ventilation system — an example

example of a blueprint for renovating a house ventilation system

Esimerkki huonekohtaisesta ilmanvaihtoratkaisusta omakotitaloon.

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Our product range offers models for rooms of different sizes and ventilation systems: homes, lodging quarters, offices and small business premises.


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