Fresh air supply fans & heaters

It's possible to achieve fresh and clean indoor air inside homes and public spaces—without investing in expensive and large ventilation units. MOBAIR air supply fans permit unobstructed flow of fresh and clean air supply into the room without draft.

Simple installation

Installed directly onto the wall, e.g. on top of the opening of a fresh air duct or a specially made ventilation opening.


Fully compatible and improve the building's existing natural or mechanical ventilation.

Saves energy

Pre-heated air supply saves costs by lessening the workload of other heating sources.


Finnish made MOBAIR air supply fans and heaters allow you to solve each ventilation problem presented by a specific room or apartment.

MOBAIR 2030S air supply fan

Fans & Heaters

Our product range offers models for rooms of different sizes and ventilation systems: homes, lodging quarters, offices and small business premises.

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Photo of MOBAIR 2010 air filter


Official MOBAIR filters are recommended to ensure the original intended operation e.g. air volume of our products.

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MOBAIR AV2000 silencer


We offer many different accessories for air supply systems and unique ventilation applications.

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MOBAIR 4100 heat transfer fan

Heat transfer

Distribute the excess heat of an AC or a fireplace to nearby rooms.

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MOBAIR 48 V DC air supply fan

48 V DC Fans

Perfect for cooling technical spaces like base stations.

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Room-specific air supply solution

Room-specific ventilation differs from centralized ventilation systems in so that each room that is air-conditioned has a separate device that can be used and adjusted per room. No ducting is required. We specialize in these systems.

Affordable investment

Energy efficient

Simple installation

Easy to maintain

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What is an air supply fan?

As the name suggests, a air supply fan improves the oxygen levels by bringing inside healthy and fresh outside air. An air supply fan increases the efficiency of the pre-existing ventilation.


Into which room do you install a air supply fan?

You must install a suitable air supply fan in a room where the ventilation needs to be improved. You can install an air supply fan into every room, or just to the ones that have ventilation problems. For example in homes, bedrooms are the most important rooms to have good air quality to facilitate good sleep and well-being.


What exactly is supply air?

It is the incoming fresh air which replaces the old air that exits typically from the kitchen, bathroom etc. It is very important that the incoming fresh air is pre-heated and filtered.


Will an air supply fan interfere with the buildings existing ventilation system?

No. Air supply fans do not interfere with any existing ventilation system. However, it is required in apartment building as well as other buildings that supply air valves must not cause positive air pressure indoors. This is why all Mobair products have been designed to prevent this from happening, and the authorities have approved all Mobair systems.

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