Cooling solutions for technical spaces & base stations

Mobair co-operates with professionals in the construction and HVAC industry. We provide 48 V DC fans for demanding professional cooling applications in base stations. Fans are waiting ready on stand-by and connected to back up batteries on the site of base stations.

Function principle

The cooling of a technical space e.g. base station is provided by an air conditioner or free flowing fans. When the outside temperature is lower than inside, fans are used for cooling.

The control system directs the operation of fans and AC units optimally for lowest possible energy consumption. Surveillance and alert systems are easy to add.

MOBAIR EFU-200 works in parallel with an AC, which handles the cooling during the summer. In the winter cooling is provided by fans.
Unit is equipped with an inspection door for easy maintanance. Air filter has a large area of 287 × 287 × 96 mm, which should be replaced around once a year.

48 V DC Fans

Our product range offers duct fans and wall mounted inlet and outlet fans.


Lounea Oy has taken advantage of Mobair ventilation fans for cooling of base stations and technical spaces since 1995.

Property manager Pertti Koivula has been actively collaborating in designing a system which performs effectively in demanding cooling applications.