Finnish HVAC expertise for better indoor air quality

The idea behind Mobair products was developed in the early 1990s, and Mobair was founded in 1992. Its founder Juha Tourunen previously worked with heating, ventilation and air conditioning design for over a decade.

Back then, majority of Finnish houses had mechanical or natural air conditioning systems but an uncontrolled flow of incoming fresh air supply. This caused draft and dust problems for the inhabitants. No existing solutions were at the market, and the problem did not touch only Finnish houses but also buildings internationally.

We wished to develop a product that would increase well-being indoors by improving indoor air quality. We based our development on four principles: easy installment, ease of use, reasonable price and visually suitable for interior decorations. Since then, Mobair supply air diffusers have found a steady audience both in Finland and abroad.

We have several patented inventions, and Mobair air supply products are being continually further developed.

MOBAIR 2010 air supply heater