MOBAIR 4100 heat transfer fan


Distributes warm and cool air between rooms improving air quality while also saving energy.

MOBAIR 4100 heat transfer fan
MOBAIR 4100 heat transfer fan
MOBAIR 4100 heat transfer fan

Effective & quiet

With a heat transfer fan it's possible utilize the heating and cooling features of e.g. an air conditioner in every room of the building. When done this way the overall costs are lower.

The large surface of the air intake makes it possible to use low fan power which affects the sound level of the whole unit. This is a significant feature for living comfort.


Slim and stylish design blends in with the decoration. Also, the grille is designed in a way so that the airflow produced by the fan is transferred correctly up close to the ceiling from across room to room.

Improves air quality

Inside homes, the heat of a fireplace or the AC can be transferred to a bedroom, for example, while improving air quality. In office spaces, can be an affordable and effective solution for the ventilation of a conference room.

Installation & maintenance

The unit can be installed e.g. on top of a doorway. The electricity of the unit is supplied by an 8.5 V DC plug adapter, so an electrician is not required. The power cable is very thin and easy to put out of sight.

MOBAIR 4100 heat transfer fan dimensions

Technical information


72 m3/h

Energy consumption

4,0 W

Sound level

25 dB(A)


Plug adapter 8,5 V DC, 1,3 m power cord (7,5 m extension cord)

Package includes: Screws, Airflow grilles (2 pcs), Plug adapter, Power cord

Instruction manuals online

Please read the the owner's manual for more information.


Product sheet

Product information

Product code: M4100
LVI-number: 7929017


Airflow grille:

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