How to improve the ventilation in your home?

Good inside air – dust, odour, draught and noise-free – is a result of many factors. However, the very basis is functioning ventilation. Older buildings tend to have ventilation issues which a fresh air supply fan can help to fix. The quality of indoor air has a great effect on peoples health and spirits. The cleaner the air is, the better you feel.


Take a few minutes to think through a few basic ventilation questions, and you can tell how you could improve the ventilation in the rooms you use:

Is the indoor air temperature suitable?

The proper air temperature indoors is dependant on each room’s intended use. However, we can state that the principle is that too cold or too hot air is uncomfortable and unhealthy. Too high indoor temperatures (more than 24 °C) feels stale and dry, whereas too low indoor temperatures (below 20 °C) creates a feel of draft. In bedrooms, cooler temperatures facilitate sleeping and in offices, right temperatures and oxygen levels facilitate work efficiency.

When you choose a supply air valve, which meets the room’s specific demands for ventilation, you make it easy to maintain good air temperatures and air quality. easy.

Is it easy to breathe in the room you are in, and does the air feel fresh?

The air in a room should feel fresh when you enter the space. Indoor air with too much carbon dioxide (over 1200 ppm) feels stale and unpleasant to breathe. High amounts of carbon dioxide are not healthy. Indoor air with a proper amount of carbon dioxide feels fresh and is pleasant to breathe.

With a right type of supply air valve, the air in a room has the right amount of fresh oxygen-rich air without any sense of draft. Thus also carbon dioxide level is kept under control.

Can the ventilation be easily improved or adjusted?

For any room – from natural to mechanical ventilation, from smaller to larger spaces – it's possible to find a suitable air supply fan for its ventilation needs. If you cannot presently improve the existing ventilation, a fresh air supply fan is easy and cost-efficient option, since there is no need for extensive and high-priced air conditioning renovation.

You can install your Mobair air supply fan yourself into each room you need, and you can even style them to match the individual decorative style in each room.