On the importance of fresh air supply

If there are no supply air valves, the outside air enters from the door and window lids. It is of utmost importance that the compensating air is conducted inside in a controllable manner while also being filtered and heated at the same time.


Supply air valves are required to bring supply air into the house or a building.

The supply, or replacement air means specifically the air flowing inside the interior of a building which equals to the amount removed from the washrooms, kitchen, etc.

For a normal bedroom the amount of supply air required for two people is 2 x 20 m³/h or 40 m³/h. During cold and freezing temperatures the air volume can be reduced by about 40%. Even during the cold winter times, the Mobair supply air valves can bring the supply air inside without the feeling of draft, with good filtration and very low energy consumption.

Supply air valves are placed primarily in the bedrooms.

It is also advisable to place a supply air valve in the living room especially if there is a fireplace. Energy consumption can be minimized when the supply air valve is kept operational only when the room is occupied.

The positioning of the supply air valves should take into account the Mobair installation instructions. The supply air which is handled by Mobair valves will not incur additional costs. The supply air is led into living rooms and bedrooms.